Job Description


An Operator is a term used for an individual who takes responsibility of an entire event or tour organising, client or customer, right from receiving and sending telephone calls from clients or customers in a business organization or in a corporate industry such as Hotels, Restaurants, Insurance, etc.

Skill Requirements

  • You must have strong command in English language, both oral and written as you will be responsible to communicate with clients.
  • Knowledge of the local languages too is essential
  • Must have experience in giving customer service
  • Good analytical and problem –solving skills
  • Must be keen and give utmost attentive to details.
  • Ability to communicate well to customers belonging to all strata.
  • Knowledge in telephone and computer applications is desirable
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Good Planning and organisational skills
  • Knowledge of computers is a must.

Job Duties

  • Responsibilities of the job vary as per the specific title of the job. An aspiring candidate as an operator can choose to work in the travel industry as a tour operator or at a secretarial level in business houses as a telephone operator.
  • As a telephone operator your job duties would involve maintaining a complete record of the calls received during the entire day. You will be responsible to transfer lines to the concerned person and take any messages if the person is busy.
  • As an operator being in any specific field, you will need to be courteous in your approach and greet the customer and give them the best customer service needed by answering their inquiries and other concerns.
  • As an operator in any field it’s vital for an aspiring candidate to have an understanding of industry standards and regulations in order to safely and efficiently operate the machinery.
  • In case if you opt to cater to the travel industry and be a tour operator you will need to be fairly good in geography and have good knowledge about the locations and varied holiday destinations and guide people on the same, offering added facilities such as booking for  resorts, ticketing etc.
  • As an operator be in production, tour operations, telephone or any other domain you need to offer excellent service skills handling bookings, invoicing and issuing of tickets

Work Conditions

Telephone Operators workplace is convenient and pleasant compare to other jobs. They are provided with clean facility complete with computer and telephone equipments. However, stress has been part of their job since they have to receive calls and often communicate with different type of customers.

Educational Qualifications

An employer generally requires applicants to have a minimum of a high school degree or a Diploma course in associate fields. However, specialized training is mandatory to get hands on experience on high-tech equipment or machinery as all companies do not provide on-the-job training.

Tips for the job

Maintain calm, poise and pleasing personality traits at all times.

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